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Terms of use

These rules constitute an Agreement between the website "" and the Visitor of the specified resource. The agreement describes the rules for the provision and use of information on the website ""

I. General provisions

By using "", the Visitor accepts the terms of this Agreement. The site owner reserves the right to change these conditions without prior notice to the Visitor.

Materials located on the website "" are protected by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on copyright, as well as acts of international legislation in force in this area. The use of these materials is permitted only with a link to ""

II. Using ""

The site owner deals with materials created and posted by third parties. Since the content of this information cannot be fully controlled by the Site Owner, the latter is not responsible for:

for the content of materials received by the Visitor when using "";

for the quality and content of materials posted on sites linked to from “”, and their possible non-compliance with current legislation;

for any direct or indirect damage and lost profits if this results from the use or inability to use ""

The types of information provided by the Owner of the site "" are divided into two groups:

  1. public;
  2. with limited access.
  • Such information is considered publicly accessible if it can be viewed freely by all Visitors.
  • Restricted information means information that, due to confidentiality or other conditions, cannot be publicly available.

Information about registered Visitors

Registered Visitors must provide complete and accurate information required by the Site Owner upon registration. The registered Visitor undertakes to notify the Site Owner of any changes within five working days.

III. Refusal to provide services

The site owner has the right at any time to unilaterally terminate or suspend the provision of site services to a registered Visitor on one of the following grounds:

  • if the Visitor violates the provisions of this Agreement;
  • if a registered Visitor refuses to provide complete information about himself or provides deliberately false information;
  • if a registered Visitor systematically provides incorrect information about exchange rates, thereby misleading other Visitors to
  • if a registered Visitor takes actions that lead to overloads and/or failure of the "" software

About the termination or suspension of the provision of services on “”, a corresponding notification is sent to the registered Visitor at the contact phone number or email address specified by him.